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We can help you to determine which system or equipment best meets your requirements and your budget.  We can look at your available options for fossil fuels, the costs of the fuels, your electric rate, your lot size, your home’s heat loss (to determine the proper size of your heating or cooling system), the type of system that you now have, and the types systems that are possible.




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We can install:

  • Air conditioners
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Electric plenum heaters
  • Duct work for forced air heating systems
  • Hydronic (hot water) heating, including radiant floor heat
  • Heat storage heating systems
  • Ductless split systems heat pumps and air conditioners
  • Solar thermal systems for the heating of domestic hot water, and “combi” systems for the heating of domestic hot water and also supplemental space heating
  • Water heaters

We can also use some tools that are available to us for improving home “livability”:

  • System alterations to create multiple temperature control zones (adding more thermostats to control separate areas of the home)
  • Duct work changes to eliminate cold spots or warm spots
  • Better air filtration
  • UV lights to kill microorganisms in the air
  • Whole house humidification
  • Radon mitigation systems
  • Energy recovery ventilation systems